Volunteer Hours

HHA is a charter school. HHA will offer viable opportunities in order that parents will be directly engaged in tutoring, coaching, preparing resource materials, and providing other necessary and invaluable assistance. To achieve HHA’s goals, each family is strongly encouraged to volunteer a total of 30 hours per school year (30 hours for the 1st child and an additional 10 hours for any additional children, not to exceed 40 hours total for the school year; single parents will only be required to volunteer half of these hours).

In order to receive credit, all hours must be logged by the parent on the HHA App or by clicking HERE.


Current Volunteer Needs

We need three volunteers for both Drop Off and Pick Up. The more people we have to open doors and direct traffic, the faster we can clear the queue!

Lunch and Recess volunteers are needed everyday. You can volunteer for your student’s class or the entire (all grades) lunch / recess time.

The PTSO and Fundraising Committee will periodically post sign up for their events.

You are always welcome to email your student’s teacher for additional volunteer opportunities.