Student and Parent Testimonials


7th Graders:

“As a 7th grader at Heritage Heights Academy, I adore the student council. Also as the president I think student council is a great and fun thing a school should have.”

“As a 7th grader student at HHA, I feel it is a very safe school. The fact that I am able to get this education without the worries of bullying, makes our school so much better.”

“What I like about HHA is that on every last Friday of the month, we can pay $2 to wear jeans to school and all the proceeds go to a no kill animal shelter.”

“As a diligent hard working 7th grader of HHA, I love the small, uncrowded classroom size.  I also love the caring teachers and classmates.”

“Being a seventh grader attending Heritage Heights Academy, I find many reasons to come to school every day. This school has so many amazing clubs and programs to be in. I am an Eagle Ambassador and I love giving tours to new families and helping around the school. My grades have improved so much and I have learned more at this school than any other school.”

 “As a seventh grader at HHA I love the Core Knowledge curriculum and the ability grouping.  I enjoy that I am in a class fit for me and knowing I am learning according to my skills.”

“Heritage Heights Academy fits my needs as a seventh grader with its excellent Core Knowledge and its helpful ability groupings. HHA is a school who supports anti-bullying and charity causes. Every day I always feel welcomed for who I am and I am very happy to be going to this school.”

6th Graders:

“The reason why I enjoy HHA is that they have Classical reading like Tom Sawyer, Don Quixote and The Secret Garden. Another thing I like is all the excitement that is everywhere. Every time I wake up I feel excited to get up. Lastly, I like the character traits they have set up for school.”

“HHA is a great school because of multiple reasons, but some of my favorite reasons are that we participate in Socratic discussions and everyone is very nice. I love it here at HHA.”

“HHA challenges me to do more. I couldn’t ask for more.”

“I love that this is a small school and that we get to be close friends. I like the ability groups and after school clubs.”

“I like HHA because every student is challenged to be better. We have a great schedule that allows our teachers to switch things up so we do not get bored.”

“I like that we learn Latin, Core Knowledge and Singapore Math. I feel like this will be helpful to me in my future.”

“I like HHA, because Latin will help me learn other languages when I get in High School or college.”

5th Graders:

“HHA is a safe environment where your child will receive a great education. Your teachers will respect you and provide you with the materials you need to learn. I love wearing uniform every day to school! You will leave with great knowledge and will be part of the creation of a great school!”

“I feel safe at HHA, because they do not allow bullying. HHA protects all students and makes sure they are safe.”

“I am excited to be a HHA scholar, because I feel like I am challenged more. I made some really great friends here and I am happy that I was accepted into this school.”

“I feel safe at HHA because in a place like this everyone is nice to me. I like the rewards program. I also love the after school clubs.”

“I enjoy my Core Knowledge curriculum, because it helps me learn better and get a stronger grasp on reading. Core Knowledge has helped me understand what I am reading. It makes reading more fun along with having Socratic discussions about the novels. I used to not like to read, but since I started HHA, I have grown to love reading.”

“I feel safe at HHA as the teachers are trained and they really care about us. I feel like they would do anything to keep us safe.”

“I love HHA because I am learning every single day. Each day I go home and can tell my parents what new things I have learned.”

“I feel like HHA is a challenging school. At times it has been really tough, but I finally got it with the help of my teachers. I feel like I have become smarter from going to school here.”

4th Graders:

“I like that we learn about atoms and we do lots of scientific experiments. I feel safe at school, because we are protected and do lots of drills. I am excited to be a HHA scholar, because I have teachers and friends.”

“I like learning about people who came over here from far away. I feel safe at school with our great teachers. I am excited to be a HHA scholar because we are focused and chivalrous.”

“I like learning about science because I want to learn things so I can become a Scientist.”

“I like HHA because our teachers nice, helpful and intelligent. Being an HHA scholar lets me learn a lot to prepare for middle school.”

“I like learning about History, not just Human History, but the history of all living things and time periods like Prehistoric history.”

“I feel safe at HHA as we practice drills and we have a security system to check adults in.”

“I like that we learn about things like Robin Hood and being with my best friends for the past 3 years.”

3rd Graders:

“I really like Heritage Heights Academy because the kids here are really nice so it is easy to make friends. Wearing uniforms is another thing I like about this school. Also, the teachers are very nice. They care, help, and they teach really well. What I like most is that we have History Day, which is where we get to dress up as something or someone that we learned about and do fun activities. Here kids have good manners and we have challenging work to push us. Our school uses Singapore math too! I would recommend this school to my friends because this is a great school to be in.“

“I like many things about HHA. First, they give you many projects to do. They are fun. Next, we celebrate with Donuts with Dads and Muffins with Moms. Then, on History Day you get to dress up like someone that was living a long time ago. We learned about Rome and I dressed up as Julius Caesar. It was fun. Finally, we have fun programs like before Fall Break, we had a music performance. I liked it.”

“I love HHA, because there is a day called History Day where we eat food that people ate back in the old days and dress like them. This school is amazing and I love being here.”

“I like that HHA has super nice teachers. I enjoy third grade, because we learn about the Vikings and the human body. HHA is awesome!”

“In HHA, students have manners. We are taught to be kind to one another.”

“HHA is the best school, we have time to do our homework. We are also respectful and we learn new words. We have specials. Specials are Art, Music, P.E. and Latin. It is a fun school, because we read novels. We have Fun Runs and do special projects. I also love that we learn cursive and typing.”

2nd Graders:

“I really like HHA because we learn so much. We have Music, Art, Latin and P.E. I like school because I think the teachers make it fun to learn. Another reason is we have ELO, so we can do our homework.”

“I like Heritage Heights Academy because the teachers are nice and kind. I also like Heritage Heights Academy because the projects are great. Now you know why I like HHA.”

“At HHA, I love to learn Core Novel, History, Math Science and Literacy. I like Core Novel because we get to do a Christmas play and other fun stuff. In History, I get to learn about Ancient Greece, China, the First Olympics and more. In Math, I learn multiplication, division, length and more.”

“I really like Latin at HHA, because it is fun to learn and speak another language. I like the different projects and experiments that we do.”

“I love Science, because we get to learn things like the Life Cycles of Frogs and Ants.”

“I like P.E. because we get to learn about the body and not just play games all day.”

“I like how my teachers make learning fun and interesting. Math is fun because we use blocks and ten frames to help us learn.”

1st Graders:

“My favorite thing about HHA is that the teachers help you learn a lot and they are the best teachers in the world.”

“I love HHA because I love to learn. HHA is the best because we learn science and I love science. I love my teachers!”

“I love HHA because we get to learn things that other schools do not get to. HHA is the best because we get to learn to read and spell using Riggs. It has helped me learn faster.”

“I get to learn to read and write my best handwriting. HHA is where I get to wear uniforms. I love Art and P.E. I love to learn about History, especially Egypt.”

“HHA is good for me. I have learned a lot about the Human Body. It has also taught me about respect. I love my teacher!”

“I love HHA because I have so many friends. I learn about having respect, responsibility, self-control and cooperation.”


“We love HHA! My second grade son is academically motivated and I know he is being challenged at his level. For the first time he’s excited to go to school. Parents at this school are committed to children receiving an excellent education and work to enhance the daily learning environment. There is an excitement and buzz everywhere you go in the school. We are thrilled to be a part of this community!”

“I have three kids at the school and I am very impressed with the kindness shown to my kids. The teachers are invested in the daily lives of the kids. My kids are happy and want to go to school. The leadership wants parent involvement and we have a say as parents through surveys, committees, and a very approachable board of directors.”

“Our family loves Heritage Heights Academy! The curriculum goes beyond our expectations, and works well with both of my kids who have totally different learning styles and strengths. From Latin, to Robinson Crusoe, to a second grade production of the Christmas Carol, my kids are receiving a classical education that, in my opinion, far exceeds what we could receive anywhere else. I love the community feel of involved and caring parents, and it’s just a really diverse, great bunch of kids! We feel so lucky to be able to attend Heritage Heights Academy!”

“I love HHA. Our daughter is a very intelligent young girl but has always struggled academically. HHA has provided a confidence building environment for her to learn. Learning is building blocks, block upon block, building a foundation strong enough for the next layer. That is what HHA has done for her. Her foundation academically has become stronger.”

“Our child is doing so well at Heritage Heights Academy. We appreciate the communication the staff and teachers provide and the feedback on what our student is doing well and also when there are things that need correction! We are excited about seeing her continue on with Latin and all of the core understanding that should be learned in elementary school.”

“Love this school. My child was going to Public school before and it wasn’t very challenging academic wise. I am glad we got accepted here because I have seen the tremendous improvement on my child’s education and how her intellect is challenged throughout. The focus here is more on education and learning rather than unnecessary activities.”

 “My daughter is loving school. At her old school she just went through the motions. Now she is engaged and excited. She is learning a lot and her teacher is great. I love the community feel of the school!”

“I am so grateful that we were able to find this school for our girls. We have been amazed at how much they have progressed academically - especially in their spelling and reading. I also love that they are being taught traditional values that will help them in the future.”

“We love HHA community and the academics are amazing! So thankful to be a part of this school.”

“My son loves this school. Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, Latin! Interesting projects and events! I see the results and I am happy that my son is attending to this school.”

“My kids are in their second year at HHA and we have liked it very much. They have loved all their teachers and the whole staff is super friendly. I love the Classical curriculum and that there is a lot of parent involvement.”