Lakshmi Addanki, Kindergarten

Hi! I am Lakshmi Addanki, Kindergarten teacher.
My classroom management style is to have fun while learning with Love and Logic. I believe in building strong academic foundation and positive behavior when they are young and help them feel happy about achieving their milestones. This leaves them with happy memories of learning which will indeed lead them to be happy life-long learners. It is so fascinating to know that their brains are like sponges and when you pour some love and teaching into them, they keep absorbing. I grew up around different cultures and traditions. So I understand and come up with different ways to teach kids and I enjoy doing it.

I was born in Saudi Arabia and studied there until my 7th grade. Then I moved to India to continue my studies till my Bachelors. I completed my Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics at City University of New York. After I got married, I lived in Seattle for 5 years with my husband and kids and moved to Colorado in 2015. I am a proud mother of two children who are currently studying at HHA. This is my 2nd year of teaching and I am very excited to be part of the HHA team.

I spend lot of my time with my kids taking them to libraries, classes, sports or just playing in our backyard. I enjoy teaching my kids and engaging them in different interactive games and activities. I love history. It interests me to know about how things evolved from the past through present. I learn in the process of educating my kids. I love to go for long drives, travel to other places, organize things, being outdoors, learning new languages and enjoy being with my family and kids.


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