Raptor System

HHA is excited to have the Raptor system to screen volunteers and visitors. Visitors must bring in a government issued ID and give to the office staff to be scanned. Each and every visitor is instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all fifty states and a criminal background check is also ran. When a visitor is cleared, a badge is printed for the visitor to wear at all times while in the building and/or when in contact with students during school hours. A new badge must be issued each day. Once an ID has been scanned, it will remain in the system and can be looked up by name in future visits.   

IMPORTANT: Please email or otherwise communicate with your child's teacher to coordinate with his/her needs. All email addresses can be found on our website on the Faculty page.


Safety and Security Drills

Fire Drill (once a month)

Secure Perimeter (twice a year)

Tornado (once a year)

Lock Down (twice a year)

Shelter in Place (twice a year)

Evacuation (once - first semester)

Asbestos Plan 2018

Asbestos Management Plan

REMS Document