HHA began as an idea in March of 2014 when three parents wanted something more in their children's education. We wanted a challenging, Core Knowledge curriculum, parent involvement, uniforms, a small school environment, and character development.

We met with the Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) and the Colorado League of Charter Schools and recruited other passionate and talented parents who shared our excitement over this new idea.

We did not think it was necessary to “reinvent the wheel”, so we began our search for high-performing charter schools already in existence in Colorado. After much research and several tours, we discovered Liberty Common in November of 2014. Liberty Common is a consistently high-performing Core Knowledge school in Ft. Collins that was willing and able to support us in our efforts to start a similar program in Cherry Creek. 

Our charter was completed by July 2015 with support from several members of our community and other charter support organizations. 

HHA's charter was officially approved by CCSD on February 8, 2016, becoming the second charter school in the district. From there, it was a busy few months. HHA officially opened its doors in August 2016 with grades K-5th.

HHA plans to add one grade each year until it reaches 8th grade.

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The mission of Heritage Heights Academy is to provide an educational choice that challenges all learners to achieve individual academic success, develop a strong character, and learn to be contributing citizens. Heritage Heights Academy is dedicated to developing meaningful partnerships between parents, teachers, and the community to ensure the success of all students.


The vision of Heritage Heights Academy is to develop successful scholars, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners acquired from a Core Knowledge education. Heritage Heights Academy students will thrive as contributing members of our local and global community.