Lauritz Petersen, President

I'm a husband, a father of four, a musician and a research mathematician with a passion for education.  I want HHA to be wildly successful, as do all of the board members and parents involved.  My daughter is a current student and my son will be joining her in attending in the Fall of 2017.  Since the very beginning of HHA, I've been involved from the first informational meetings that were held to attending the Colorado State Board of Education appeal hearing.  My volunteer work has also included recruiting at King Soopers where I passed out fliers and spoke to lots of different people, many who were supportive and very interested and a few who were downright hostile to our efforts.  That gave me many chances to discuss the type of school that HHA is and why it's a great choice for parents interested in the best possible public education for their child.  It gave me a chance to talk about how HHA fulfills its vision by using a Core Knowledge curriculum which is classically based and with a vision to develop critically thinking scholars.  Other than my passion and enthusiasm, I have several years of experience with keeping and balancing financial records for a non-profit organization with many years of volunteer work as a leader and administrator for various groups, both religious and professional.  HHA has gotten off to a great start and with enthusiasm and energy, I hope to help it continue on it's path to tremendous success. 

School Committee: Finance

Jared Gold