Jennifer Gibbons, President

Jennifer Gibbons is a mother of four children, one of which attends HHA. She taught preschool for 8 years and ran a children's performing group in Texas for 3 years. She currently works as an audiologist and is passionate about education. She served as a PTCO co-president for 3 years before deciding to begin the process of starting a charter school. She has attended many charter school classes and seminars and has passed the charter school modules provided by the Colorado Department of Education. She looks forward to watching HHA grow!

School Committees: Policies / Leadership, Finance & Fundraising

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Jared Gold
Lauritz Petersen, Vice-President & Treasure

I'm a husband, a father of four, a musician and a research mathematician with a passion for education.  I want HHA to be wildly successful, as do all of the board members and parents involved.  My daughter is a current student and my son will be joining her in attending in the Fall of 2017.  Since the very beginning of HHA, I've been involved from the first informational meetings that were held to attending the Colorado State Board of Education appeal hearing.  My volunteer work has also included recruiting at King Soopers where I passed out fliers and spoke to lots of different people, many who were supportive and very interested and a few who were downright hostile to our efforts.  That gave me many chances to discuss the type of school that HHA is and why it's a great choice for parents interested in the best possible public education for their child.  It gave me a chance to talk about how HHA fulfills its vision by using a Core Knowledge curriculum which is classically based and with a vision to develop critically thinking scholars.  Other than my passion and enthusiasm, I have several years of experience with keeping and balancing financial records for a non-profit organization with many years of volunteer work as a leader and administrator for various groups, both religious and professional.  HHA has gotten off to a great start and with enthusiasm and energy, I hope to help it continue on it's path to tremendous success. 

School Committee: Finance

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Jared Gold
Jamie Kristofco, Secretary

I am an active mother of boy-girl twins who will be graduating from Heritage Heights Academy’s kindergarten program in May, 2017 and entering first grade this fall. From the moment I attended one of HHA’s first student recruiting events – a year before my twins were eligible to enroll – I was extremely passionate and dedicated to HHA’s vision of offering a core-knowledge based education within the Cherry Creek school system. I frequently attend the monthly board meetings and would like to play a more active role in contributing to HHA’s continued success.

I hold an MBA from Georgia State University and have over 25 years of experience in corporate strategic communications for leading financial service firms. Through these experiences, I’ve served in many roles and developed deep experience in creating and promoting a vision, managing projects, allocating resources and budgets, and delivering on objectives to meet aggressive goals.
While most of my volunteer work at HHA is accomplished after-hours and “behind the scenes,” my former volunteer experiences include serving on the board for a program in Atlanta, Georgia to assist adults in obtaining their GED credentials and gain employment to become self-sufficient. I also frequently lead and actively participate in other non-profit activities.

I have been married to my husband, Steve, for nearly 23 years. In my spare time, I enjoy crafting, travelling, hiking, reading and attending live theater. I am also currently training to run my first road-race – a 4.1 mile leg in the Colfax Marathon at the end of May.

School Committee: Community / Marketing / Enrollment

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Jared Gold
Nathan Wheldon, Board Member

Nathan Wheldon joined the HHA Board of Directors in the fall of 2017.  Nathan applied to be on the Board after two of his boys were accepted to the school and an open position became available.  Nathan believes that his background, demeanor and work ethic are complimentary and valuable additions to the existing board.  He values education and wants the best schooling experience for his children and decided that being on the Board would be the best way for him to be involved in the quality of his childrens’ education and for all the children at the school.  Nathan is serving as a general Board member and as head of the Facilities Committee.

Nathan received his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering from Utah State University with a minor in Economics.  He then continued his education at the University of Washington and obtained a Masters of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Nathan is a registered Professional Engineer in three states in the Environmental discipline.  He currently works as a Senior Manager over Environmental and Air Quality Programs at MarkWest Energy, where he has been since 2008.  Nathan works closely with Legal, Engineering, Construction and Business Development teams and brings this expertise to HHA.

Nathan moved to Colorado in 2007 and is married to his sweetheart Briana.  They are the parents of three boys who are full of energy and make sure there is never a dull moment in the Wheldon household.  In his spare time Nathan enjoys serving in his local church congregation, traveling with his family, volunteering with the boy scouts and playing any kind of sport, including volleyball, hockey, basketball and softball.  In 2016 he ran his first triathlon and hopes to be able to run many more in the future.  Nathan is a people oriented person and would like to get to know more parents at HHA, if you see him at an event please introduce yourself.

School Committee: Facilities

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Jared Gold
Irina Shatalov, Board Member

I grew up in Ukraine and I knew from a very early age that I wanted to work with people. After graduating from high school in Kyiv, I attended The Warsaw University in Poland. This is where I earned my Master’s Degree in Psychology, and my Major in Behavioral Economics. I then began my career, and worked for several European consulting companies as a Human Resources Consultant. 

In 2003, I moved back to Ukraine where I continued my education at the Kiev Psychotherapy School. I became a member of the EAP, the European Association of Psychotherapists. I continued to work in consulting and was able to combine my skills to include working as a school counselor. 

In 2010, I moved to the United States after I married my husband. I currently work as a supervisor in a company that provides services for the elderly and people with intellectual and/or cognitive disabilities. I am also involved with several volunteer projects, and I am a Board Member for the non-profit organization Ukrainians of Colorado. 

My journey with Heritage Heights Academy began last year when my son was able to attend Kindergarten. As an active community member, with a background in Human Services, I feel honored that I have been given the chance to lend my advisory skills to Heritage Heights Academy. I feel very strongly about the environment in which our children learn, and that is why I am so excited to be involved in the development of Heritage Heights Academy.


School Committees: Fundraising & Grants

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Jared Gold
Lindsey Hamilton, Board Member

Lindsey is a behavioral neuroscientist who currently serves as the Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities for the University of Colorado Denver. She is the former director of the Denver Metro Regional Science & Engineering Fair. Her own research focuses on metacognition and she has over 15 years experience implementing high-impact practices and inclusive excellence practices in the higher education and K-12 education industry. She graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Wake Forest School of Medicine with a PhD in Neuroscience. Lindsey is excited to bring her experience in collecting and managing data, policy development and grant writing, and her professional expertise in training and mentoring underrepresented student populations to the board.

Lindsey moved to Colorado in 2013 after working for the U.S. Army for several years. She is married to Erik Oleson, who is a professor at CU Denver as well. They live in Aurora and are the parents of two energetic children, including one 1st grader at HHA.

School Committee:

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Jared Gold