Letter from the Principal

Hello HHA Families,

As we move forward in our School Improvement Plans, I wanted to post resources for all families on our website. Under the Parents Link, you will find Parent Resources has been changed to HHA Parent Plans for Student Success. You will find a list of helpful math and literacy games to help all students improve their growth and academic achievement.

We are focusing on automaticity for math and literacy. This means that your child needs to have an automatic recall of their basic math facts and phonograms. Math Facts are the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts up to twelve. After your child has achieved automaticity, they can begin to work on higher order thinking skills for their grade level. Automaticity is the first step for all students to gain confidence and understanding in both math and literacy.

I hope the resources listed in the HHA Parent Plans for Student Success are helpful! Be sure to email your teachers if you have questions.

Onward and Upward!

Natalia Miller-Forrest
Heritage Heights Academy

Tracy Ramakrishnan