School Tours

Interested parents desiring to have a tour of the school please call the office or sign up online by clicking HERE. We are still enrolling! Come to take a school tour to start the enrollment process!

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Tracy Ramakrishnan
Exciting News About Our CMAS Scores

An exciting message from our principal, Natalia Miller-Forrest:

I am excited to share with you all our CMAS scores! I am sure that you will be as ecstatic as I am to see that our students’ hard work has paid off! Our staff also deserves credit for their determination and dedication to improving our scores!

I wanted to highlight a few scores:

(ELA stands for English Language Arts)
HHA Overall ELA Growth scores went from a 23.5 to 58.0.

HHA Overall Math Growth scores went from 13.0 to 42.5.

We beat the District in College Readiness ELA scores! HHA has 57.9% of students who meet the standards to be college ready and the District has 50%.

Our Math Readiness scores are 39.5% for students who meet the standards to be college ready and the District’s scores are 43%.

Around 75.1% of our students have met the standards to be college ready in Science and the District has 40%.

Thank you all for your support in our first two years of creating HHA!

Onward and upward!

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Tracy Ramakrishnan
Now Accepting Payments

HHA will offer full and part time Kindergarten. Part time Kindergarten is free and available to all students. Parents who want to provide their child with full time Kindergarten will need to pay a tuition for the afternoon academic enrichment.

We are now accepting Tuition Payments, Registration Fees for 2017-2018 school year, Student Fees for 2017-2018 school year:

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Tracy Ramakrishnan