After School Club Information

  • After School Clubs are payable by cash or check only.

  • Club information will be posted on the school website. This will be the ONLY place they will be listed in detail.

  • Once you find a club that you like to join, you will then download the permission slip form from the school website.

  • Forms will not be accepted without payment or if any information is missing. Please fill them out completely.

  • Most clubs will start and finish at the same time and on the same week.

  • Academic clubs are by invite only based on need. Letters will be sent out.

  • Varsity clubs are for students who have a C or better in all classes. Grades will be ran on the last day of the quarter.

  • All payments and registration will take place through the office. Teachers will not accept registration to ensure that the classes are first come / first serve.

  • Registration will ONLY be accepted from TBA with no exceptions. This is to allow teachers adequate time to plan and obtain supplies.

  • Clubs will begin the after the start of school from 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm. Clubs will end TBA.

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